An eclectic rock duo, Crazytoads is made up of Swedish-based musicians and artists, Bernth Nystrom and Rickie Silwerhorn. The duo is known for its vibrant rock canvasses that are influenced by reggae, pop, and a punk vibe that will drive your energy from zero to a hundred in seconds. And in the spirit of Christmas, the Crazytoads have released Christmas on the moon and it is not the ordinary Joe’s Christmas song.

With luscious basslines scattering across the soundscape, the smoky baritones glint with the light of moonbeams. With pronounced accents of goth rock and grunge riffs, the artists defiantly celebrate Christmas on the moon. The punk beats fly off the handle, restless with activity and dark excitations. We see occasional accents of Christmas jingles and drops of synth melodies to embellish the lyrics.

Despite the gory morbid soundscape, the artists know how to make it fun. The fuzzy riffs and delightful lyrics make for wonderful company! They create dark slapstick imagery with the lyrics that I particularly enjoyed. So, if you get sick of the excessive Christmas jollification around you, come on over to the dark side and celebrate Christmas on the Moon.

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