Brace yourself to fly off the handle with Crux ‘s brand-new release, Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit). Each member of this four-piece band brings their own distinct styles and eclectic influences to form a unique sound that is like no other. If you listen carefully you can pick up on the diverse details that the band has harmoniously reconciled.

Max’s Matt Bellamy/Thom Yorke/Jeff Buckley-inspired vocals seamlessly gel with Jake’s virtuosic Dire Straits-influenced rapid fingerstyle and Hallam’s bass chops that is redolent of Red Hot Chill Peppers. And finally, drummer Joe’s evasive beats have the stamp of Progressive Rock styles that he’s so obsessed with. Raging with a subversive passion, the band delves into the nuances of punk rock with this blazing new single.

The track is a force to be reckoned with. Its surging current and tumulus vivacity drum up a chaotic explosion in us. A sinister machination arises out of the smoky vintage key melody that blossoms through layers of pandemonium. With molten tongues of the sonic keyboard and guitar form a beautiful base for the torrential beats, fuzzy riffs, and manic vocals. The track heaves under the weight of rebellion as it snowballs into a colossal monstrosity ready to explode.

The band knows how to lead a mutiny as evidenced by the rhythm discipline and structural integrity of the track. With majestic demonstrations and primal evocation, their revolutionary tactic compels alignment and respect.

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