Following their punk-rock revolution, Radgie Gadgie, Crux has just released their latest soul-rock track, Save Me. The progressive four-piece rock band scales the purgatoric mountain, seeking paradisiacal release. The doleful portrait is ashen with metallic basslines, dark reveries, and chilling despair.

A sinister bassline roams the spiraling halls of the track. Dispersing clouds of premonition, the warm circling basslines are led by riffs and pausing beat cycles. Reminiscent of vintage horror melodies, the soul-rock is emotionally pervasive. The smooth falsettos and their reflective harmonies form a mesmerizing evocative kaleidoscope that throws us back to old-school artists like Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Queen.

It’s remarkable to see how the band ties in their artistic vision. The bleak atmosphere is orchestrated after deep excavations of obsidian concepts like helplessness, despair, and an eternal cyclic tragedy. Roping in the melancholia of piano acoustics, the band ties in the song with haunting riffs, glistening basslines, and ghostly harmonies. And towards the end, a euphonic mist of fuzzy riffs and echoing vocals rise and grow into a white light, gleaming with out-worldly salvation – a promise of the end.

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