The instruments become another organism with Curtains. With raucous, raw energy that has no outlet other than the amplifier, they kick the gears into overdrive with every one of their performances. Their latest single is called Downturn, recorded live at the Danger Room.

The opening guitar tone should be the EpiPen to the chest that you need. With a caffeinated overdrive, the scream begins the punk rock track. The rhythm is on point, yet creates enough of an atmosphere to get completely absorbed. The breaks and flourishes are recorded to detail as well, creating a genuine tornado of sound to get invested in. The tempo alone should be enough to be your midday alarm, that is the kind of dosage of rock it brings. The kick this song has and the feeling it brings is truly unique, and the live performance gives it to us raw and as it is. There are no tricks, just the joys of punk.

Their fast-paced music has been gracing speaker sets and torn headphone earmuffs since 2019. They also released their EP called Orlando earlier this year. It absolutely shreds, and the whole collection doesn’t have any lulls. The band is always in their prime sound, and that is how everyone wants to hear Curtains. Bring in the noise this week with their single here: