There are several essence elements that daarling brings into their music. Though they are now only 2 singles old, they carry magnificent energy and soul in their songs. Like a human, it has character, soul and a powerful, beating heart. Their latest single is called Metamorphosis.

Parts of it are post rock, some definitely in nu-grunge. A psychedelic undertone keeps vibrating through the track, with the shifting phase of tones and mysterious vocals as well. A sense of purpose is definitely created, from underlining the verse with the mystique it is delivered with. Audio itself has the distortion to create the fuzzy, sludgy tone that grunge bands delivered with pride. Vocals haven’t been compromised in any place, there is a leading strength to it that makes the song so much more than just another indie rock song. The tempo changes and progression alteration helps in forging a new metallurgic component with seemingly less.

This band daarling are writing songs that make a difference. Not only to them, but to the listener. If you felt this track to be transformative in some way, listen to their other single Dig as well. Though tonally and texturally varying, you see the core of the band that has begun this new path. They show promise and vigor, hopefully get to hear more of them soon. Listen to their single here: