Damascus Steel is a progressive metal band with influences ranging back to the greats. Their compositions ring with power that is immense and immersive in the best way. Metal songs are at their finest when they consume you. And this band doesn’t make metal music any other way. If you want to experience the authentic, old-school and legendary boom of the genre, Damascus Steel is the right corner of Spotify to seek out. Their soundscapes are fortresses of sound, built with raw energy and molded with a force that will stay with you.

iTunes Artwork for 'War (feat. Gabriel Cyr) (by Damascus Steel)'

The band has just released their latest album, ‘War’. It is a collection of six tracks, comprising a prelude and exposition of theme in five chapters. Listening to it is an odyssey through the many frames of war, from tyranny, revolution, brotherhood, blood shed, and culmination.

Riding on concept, theatrics, and cinematic production, each track is an atmosphere sparked with emotion. Delving into a spectrum of styles like grunge, garage rock, punk, nu-metal, and driving hard rock, they construct this whole story. The performative riff breaks, guitar solos, and beats are all drawn into context with narrative lyricism and histrionic vocals. You’re sure to catch references to the Baroque rock of Queen, alongside Rainbow, Dio, Dream Theater and Symphony X. Listen Now!

The album is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘War’ by Damascus Steel and Gabriel Cyr here –