Damn The Wolves come with guns blazing. The punk- pop-rock-indie trio hail from South-West England with a dreamy version of rock for the world to get lost in. In this age when most of the music is a reflection of each other, Damn The Wolves emerge gloriously with their unique style and revolutionary sound. The trio debuted in late 2022 with a self-titled single in which they introduced their sound. And in their new single, Rules, Damn The Wolves explore defiance with powerful anthemic rock. 

Rules chronicle the story of discovering the innate resistance within us. Its wrenching commentary on life and tragedy emerges from the emotional strength in the vocals. The hard-hitting beats and tense basslines pair beautifully with the voracious vocal passion. 

We get a taste of toasty grunge as the song rolls into a tsunamic wall of guitar melodies in the vocals. The smoky punk aftertaste snares the beats and builds it up again for the next verse. Belligerent with heat and energy, the track is an audacious ocean. Its rebellion is fresh, new-born, and thriving in this dynamic sonic bubble.

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