France-based Brazilian independent musician and artist, Dan Szyller released his debut album, The Celestial Immigrant earlier this year. Containing seven songs, the album is a rich collection of funk-rock pallets and futuristic themes that will have you oscillating between dreams and reality. Reminiscent of vintage rock styles and designs, the compositions have an iconic 70s allure to them.

The artist claims The Doors, Iron Maiden, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd as his influences. His songs are also inspired by his memoirs as an immigrant who traveled and resided in countries like USA and Israel. The title track opens the album, with a dazzling soundscape with psychedelic guitars. The ethereal aesthetic of the song is realized by the glazy textures and rhythms that put us in a slumberous daze.

Dwindling into being, the song opens with a singular molten guitar melody. Its ruminating magic is absorbed by the artist’s vocals as he passionately tells the story of The Celestial Immigrant who is hurtling through outer space for a home. Using stellar space metaphors, the artist ties them to symbolize the woes of his chaotic childhood as he constantly moved places.

For recording of the album, Dan played guitar and sang vocals, Fabien Pilard played additional guitars, bass, keyboards and sang backup, and Meriem Rezik played drums.

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