The Dead Soul Revival is dedicated to reviving hope and strength. Like the blazing tail of the immortal phoenix, the band’s rock compositions are like the north star, guiding us through the darkest night. They buy into the shadows of pain, using dark lyricism and voracious blues, and bleeding melodies to purge us of all their demons and fear. In their new single, Black Roses, Dead Soul Revival ignites a raging flame of growing and becoming.

Comprising vocalist/guitarist, Matt Clark, drummer, Scott Freak, and bassist, Kendall Clark, the band has a revolutionary sound. They siphon the bloodiness of the dark psyche and transform it into a rapturous second coming. With flaring guitar sequences, and vivacious drums sensationally setting the stage, the evocative vocals blow the roof with immutable splendor and energy.

The dark, grunge and hard-rock band debuted in 2021 with their single, Let It Ride, and has since released three singles including this one. They are now working on their new full-length album, Ignite, which is set to release by the end of this year.

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