Blues rock can never die, and Dirty Mitts show this in style. This is a rock band composed of several nationalities, coming under one umbrella-of rock. Any and every classic rock playlist that is up-to-date might have their only single that demolishes the idea of boredom. This is their only released debut single, My Show.

Most energy can be felt with how you intro a track. If you pull it long enough, the introduction is the build-up some songs require. Dirty Mitts decide to go Whole Lotta Rosie with this one. The riff is the first thing you hear, and that’s what keeps the energy spiked. Whether it feels like Red Bull laced with Castrol or insert any ridiculous analogy of the same kind-is immaterial. This is classic rock whole generations grew up with, and these guys want to keep the show going for the next one as well. The kick to be got out of their live performances might be sensational, so try to catch them when they’re on tour.

If this is the calibre of their opening track, they better have some heated batteries lined up. They’ve set a precedent that they have to overcome, and with the kind of polished sound they have, there is no doubt. Listen to their new single and wait for more from these rockers here: