Columbia-based indie-rock artist and singer-songwriter, Dog Day God is back with Let Me In, his fourth single of 2022. Dog Day God is Michael Moore’s solo project through which he delves into the fabric of human emotions and emerges with mellow and brooding melodies.

Calming guitar melodies and mellow beat grooves open the song. The melody fusions and vocal flows take unexpected tangents as they weave through the song with a mystical whimsy. A strange euphonic force transfixes you, as you watch in awe, the unprecedented and unique melody patterns.

A sense of deja vu takes over you as the layered track alienizes familiar and common emotions. Manufacturing new brands of reality, the melodies glisten with a quiet rebellion. Coarse guitar riffs and bass lines illuminate gloomy dissonance and hopeless tragedies as the vocals fill the track with a soulful lament.

We get to see the world from the perspective of an outlier, with an acute feeling of being trapped in a negative reel of the world, devoid of technicolor delight. With infrared gloom and a dingy soul, the artist sings, “You only see this part of my mind”. Resigned to his loneliness, he makes a meek appeal to be let into the world.

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