Doris is a London based dream rock/pop collective with a vision to illuminate the surreal magic and spontaneity of life. Formed on a stormy night, the band edges the line of chaos and fun using shoegaze and marvelous pop influences. Doris has just released their debut album, Storm Doris. The seven-track album solidifies their style and reputations as a collective; delivering beautiful and cohesive soundscapes of melody and emotion. Each track excavates proof of life as they juxtapose mundane and everyday concepts with unusual and uncanny interpretations. Down opens the Storm Doris album with hard hitting beats and potent synth cycles. 

The track is equal parts ethereal and real. With glistening riffs ringing synchronously with synth vibrations, they set the contextual stage for the dazed vocals. Its mellow skin drifts across the changing backdrop, like a whimsical messenger. Winking keys and molten strings fuse cool textures and burning emotions as the track leaps into a total shoegaze frame. Doris is Romy Jo on vocals, Andrew Lancaster on lead guitar, and Jerry Lane on the keyboard. The album was recorded in an army bunker in the Cotswold by producer Hugh Fielding, featuring Joseph Johns on bass and Jonny Maiden on drums.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Down by Doris here –