Country music paints some of the most vivid pictures you could fathom. DSP Band brings that storyteller’s epiphany perspective with a soothing, country atmosphere. The Down South Pepper (DSP) band have their new single out, called Moving Down South. This is as good as country gets.

Where and when you hear those steely strings ring out, you can almost squint through the dust. Dampened drum beats bedazzle what is a groovy rhythm section, with gruff and gritty vocals. The tale is of moving to the South, to the charm of the where nature and man live in harmony. It is a story of travel and finding friends, interesting people and stories to last a lifetime. Like all good country music, the magic lies in the details, each event coming to life as we hear it. In the colourful images they paint, the DSP Band creates a layered texture of lyricism, narrative and well crafted and polished instrumentals. In the contemporary sense, of course, because their raw country sound is never whittled away.

Their song That’s How the Money Gets Around has got around quite a bit. It is their most streamed track, with the film almost warm to the touch, as though it was made moments ago. They travel, observe and relate stories as the raspy voiced raconteurs that they are. They’ve been constantly releasing singles, so listen to them on Spotify. For now, imagine living in the south with this single: