Dynasty Four have been credited to keeping rock alive, based in Toronto. Their hooks and anthems can bring people together, and all will sing in the name of rock. Their latest single is called For the Cats, and it’s plain who the track is for. A musical mélange for our feline overlords, let’s see what we have!

The energy is driven with the instruments. They are powerful and well-balanced, creating a pot-pourri of melodic phrasing and bumbling purpose. This is a song that is bound to bring any furry friend home. The magic lies in the way they execute the track, the verses more sparsely populated with the instruments. The lyrics remain the crown for this track. The chorus has some harmonics, that don’t sound very great. The tones seem off pitch, especially the parts that chant “please come home”. Though the track has an impressive form and fun, catchy core, the vocal performance is slightly below par, compared to their other two singles in Revivals.

Dynasty Four have never compromised on their musical approach, an outfit that has one aim. Their music is punctuated and full of relatable references and wild hooks and changes that make listening to them really intriguing. Lord of Feuds has been their burning hit, from the same single release. Listen to their tracks here and see if you are down with the cat charisma!