Blending the soul of country music with the intensity of rock melodies, Eddie Esler paints a picture of melancholy and tenderness in his new single, Wish You Would. Born and based in Texas, the artist is a master story teller who lets nothing come in the way of a great musical story.

A molten fabric of country goodness emerges from the song. An amalgam of country acoustics and rock riffs, the track flourishes with the tragedy of a love song. The baritone vocals harbor a unique timbre that both blends in with the rock riffs and shine through the layers of melody. Incredibly expressive, the immersive vocals are drenched in the hues of descending twilight.

With swelling emotions and a sunset melancholy, it mounts peaks of euphoria and drops to the wells of grief. A lick of molten guitar melody runs through the song and erupts with the sound of country. Texturized by fuzzy basslines and warm riffs, we are nestled within the folds of swirling emotions. The mastery of the song lies in the alignment of all melodies and sound textures to create a snug atmosphere of exquisite tenderness.

A whirlwind of feelings, the nostalgic lyrics and emotional vocals glint like embers against the fiery soundscape. The guitar solo at the bridge is absolutely stunning.

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