Edie Yvonne is a singer-songwriter and an alt-folk artist from Los Angeles. Her music is an extension of her mind, delivered with candor and profound maturity. The 14-year-old artist sees and feels much beyond her years, exploring themes like love, relationships, and heartbreaks. In her latest single, On Your Mind, Edie Yvonne deliberates on the contents of her crush’s mind, weaving it with frames and stories of her own life. 

The track is primarily an indie rock feature that is accentuated by pop elements and folk undertones. Edie uses warm sonic profiles like acoustic strings, layered with molten guitar melodies and dynamic beats to create a buoyancy. It proves to be an insightful and inspired way of conveying the intricate melancholy and woe of the protagonist. Her drawling vocals, heavy with emotion, burnishes the canvas with youthful agitation and desperation that makes the listener nostalgic for the magic of their adolescence. Listen Now! 

Edie Yvonne debuted in 2022 with her single, With the Light and has since released five tracks that show off her versatile style and insightful artistic vision.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to On Your Mind by Edie Yvonne here –