El Kintano y la Venerea is a Spanish Post Punk act led by artist and musician, Santi Polo. The band uses belligerent underground styles and energies, going to fantastic lengths to draw out spectacular emotion. The band has just put out their latest album, Oceanos Sangrientos. It represents the state of mind of El Kintano and La Venerea at the current moment of their career, to captivate new audiences through their new raw and visceral Post Punk sound. Taken from this album, is Mi Amigo Algol, with which El Kintano y la Venerea introduces their new sound. 

The track plays like a torrential dust storm with flying beats and vigorous riffs. There’s no moment of lethargy or lapse, just a constant escalation of energy and emotion. Polo’s electric baritones lead the soundscape. Edged by distortion and slights of insanity, it rides the rolling punk surfs effortlessly. Flooring soliloquies and ringing riffs form magnificent soundboards that dimensionalize and transform the soundscape. 

“Oceanos Sangrientos” recorded in the Spanish Asturian coast, mixed, produced and mastered in Montreal Studios by the hand of producer Hans Kruger. It is the first of what will be the musical trilogy of their message “A CONCEPT CREATED FOR DIFFICULT TIMES”. Black Sabbath, Joy Division, Judas Priest, Guns and Roses, and Janes Addiction are sure to enjoy the sound of this band. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to “Mi Amigo Algol” from the Oceanos Sangrientos Album by El Kintano y la Venerea here –