Elliot Jones tries to find meaning in madness. Music is a journal to combat just that. His expeditions in tone and melody are just pathways to understand this chaotic web of life we’re all dumped into. He chooses to think through these arrangements and songs that might find him peace. This is his latest single, Moment of Madness. 

This is rock, as fresh as it gets. Elliot Jones chooses an arpeggio of notes to make the train ride easier. It helps his notes, his ideas and thoughts-get organized if just for a moment. It might explode into mania anytime, ties of madness within. His vocal choices are memorable, offsets from the chord patterns that populate a lot of rock. This is what makes his music special, his musings within the art. The crisp definition of the drums fill the silence when the guitar recedes-creating that much required tension in rock music. This song would be great live as well, requiring the audience to dive in as much as Elliot Jones. An instrumental break close to the outro gives you the option to headbang through till the end. A tightly, well-knit song with some punches and lucid dreaming condensed into one. 

You can explore more of Elliot with tracks like I Try, Possible and Come to Life. He packs in energy, and makes sure you feel his music as much as he does. It is an involved artist that attempts to connect with his crowd, and Elliot wields that axe rightfully: