Ever so often, people say, “You know, rock is dying.” But, Eve Casino is here to prevent that from happening. Their will to play combined with their sensational compositions is reminiscent of 20th Century rock legends like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. True to their style and artistic vision, their releases glorify the genre in majestic ways. Their song, Hotter (taken from their brand new album, Here’s the Thing) exemplifies the versatile talent of Eve Casino with its vibrant solos, timeless sonics, and impactful production. 

The song is made up of blazing textures. A slow-burn rhythm vulturously encircles blooming basslines, electric riff sonics, and tearing vocals. For the most part, the vocals are dispersed, carrying into the raging winds of guitar solos. The dominant thematic exposé comes in the nature of voracious long-form guitar melodies, virtuosically crafted to an evocative frequency. 

Hailing from the suburbs of Chigaco, the four piece independent band comprises Ryan “Haggy” Hegarty on bass and vocals, Marco Obaya on lead guitar and vocals, Sam Skilnik on rhythm guitar, keys, and vocals, and Chris Taylor on drums and percussion. And the sound bite at the beginning of this track was recorded by world-famous comedian, Tommy Chong! 

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music! 

You can listen to Hotter by Eve Casino here –