Everything but the Everything give you their everything with each song. They are voyagers, nomads, who land on genre to genre, creating something fresh and new. Their latest track Never Said does something unique with their sound again, in uncharted waters they flourish.

Collaborating with Sophia Prise for her mesmerizing and hypnotic vocals, they create a bass tuned low frequency background. Sophia’s voice does justice in this place, floating on a magic carpet over the minimalistic background echo. Simple, uni-tone guitar moments punctuate this sound, the vocals chnaging intensity for the chorus section. The muffled fuzz that surrounds the track gives a sense of faux nostalgia, while wrapping around itself that 80s pop rock sound. From The Cure to Joy Division, this group can sound like anything they put their mind and effort to. The song is truly gripping and catchy, withstanding the eventual loop around to the verse section. The harmonics are simple as well, not diminishing the vocals that do the magic.

Everything but the Everything know their strength is morphing into moulds they create for themselves. As craftsmen, their songs like We Want More and Open Your Mind show the kind of distances and frequencies they love to explore. The sound is exciting and new territory to them, and they find their comfort cushion within it. Listen to their latest single here: