Fake Plastic is an indie rock duo who put new dimensions in the old and classic world of music. Their songs forge connections that evoke sonic nostalgia while proclaiming a new era of song. The outfit have just released their debut LP, which across ten tracks brands indie rock with riveting characteristics. It is an eclectic spray of texture, energy, and sonic vibrancy. Taken from this album is the bluesy folk rock melancholy of ‘Black Eyed Girl’. The track forms with the folk rock of The Beatles and The Byrds and tunnels its ways through Queen’s rock ballads to shine with 90s indie pop rock of The Smiths.

iTunes Artwork for 'Fake Plastic (by Fake Plastic)'

The crooning vocals are bespelled by dizzying acoustics and ardent sentimentality. And with a rhythm that inflates and deflates easily, its versatility wraps around the melodies and riffs like a cocoon and absolves it from convention. Midway, we see a wilful spray of distortion that drives the daze to the forefront. Licked by the desperation in the vocals, it expands until it captures the rest of the soundscape.

Fake Plastic is Till on Lead-Vocals, Guitar, and Bass. Pete on Drums, Backing-Vocals, and Production. Aiming to realize the depth of their passion, they create music like their lives depend on it. So much so that you can feel their psyche and imagination spill into you as you listen to their music. Immersive, indulgent, and eccentrically done.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Black Eyed Girl’ by Fake Plastic here –