Falling From Aeroplanes is a two piece rock project that infuses the 90s sound into its track creating a distinctive sound of their own. The project made its debut in 2022 with the track named ‘Did We Ever? (Bye Bye my valentine)’. The band has released 4 tracks to date and each one of them is so amazing that you will surely be listening to their tracks on repeat once you get a taste. Do give this amazing project a go if you want to kick back to the 90’s groove.

I recently discovered this project when I stumbled upon their latest release which is named ‘A World In Numbers’. The track features some vivid instrumentation that will flip your mind off. The track starts off with a mellow guitar melody that becomes heavier as it progresses. The vocals kick in, creating an everlasting vibe that is melodically pleasing. The drums are impactful and carry the track to a whole different level. As the track progresses, the guitar becomes more distorted. This is a track that will take you to a whole different realm of musical adventures that will touch the deepest parts of your heart. This two piece project surely knows how to put up a show. I truly enjoyed myself listening to this amazing track! This is a must listen for anyone who enjoys nostalgic rock music. This is a unique sound that the world deserves to witness! Do give this track a spin and let me know how you felt in the comments.

Catch a little glimpse of ‘A World in Numbers’ by Falling From the Aeroplanes down here-