Deeply influenced and infused with the spirit of one of the legendary bands in rock history, Queen, Fat Bottomed Boys have taken it upon themselves to carry on their sonic legacy. Their motto – ‘Long Live the Queen’.

The band emulates the essence of Queen from Freddy’s idiosyncratic vocal style to their collective flamboyant whimsy and dazzling deliveries of the band. This is not to say that they make cover songs. But instead pump into their original compositions, the Queen’s creative presence and artistic vision. Their latest four-track EP, ‘Feeling Happy’ features so many iconic sequences and imprints across. This article unpacks the appeal of one of the tracks titled La la la. Come listen with us and try to pick up on all the references made in it.

iTunes Artwork for 'Feeling Happy - EP (by Fat Bottomed Boys)'

La la la is driven by sheer vocal power. Its storytelling lyricism is delivered with the charisma and character that is instantly reminiscent of Freddy. With the same irrepressible passion, singing like it is the last song. The rhythm, the hooks, instrumentals and other stylistic elements takes us back to tracks like Bicycle Race and Don’t Try Suicide. We even see an overarching reference to the 70s rock style and bands like ‘The Beach Boys and Led Zeppelin. And all put together, you see how the band creatively revives the grace and eclectic inclinations of one of the most loved bands in the history of time. Listen Now!

The band is on tour!

23 NOV Paris (France) – La Péniche Antipode – 24 NOV Lambersart (France) – Maître Georges – 26 NOV London (UK) – The fighting cocks!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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