Norwegian composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Filip Dahl has a new release, Walking Towards Eternity. The whole energy and emotion of the song are as electrifying as the album it’s taken from, Storyteller. Dahl’s career began in the ’70s as a lead guitarist in various Norwegian rock bands before he became an acclaimed sound engineer and record producer. He was also one of the main founders and owners of the Trondheim-based Brygga Studio during the ’80s and ’90s.

After a long hiatus, the artist found his way back to music with the release of “Dark Angels and White Demons” in 2016, “A Fire Through The Night” in 2018, and “Translucent Dreams of an Opaque Mind” in 2020. The artist released 6 singles in 2021 alone and has several upcoming releases lined up for 2022.

A slow, all-feeling electric guitar melody opens the track and sensationally spreads across the tapestry to form golden weaves of emotion and stories. Soft synths fall weightlessly like leaves in the background. The rock instrumental flows at its own pace, soothing and mellow. The resounding texture of the guitar is alluring and calming. Brimming with comfort and irrepressible contentedness, the track’s glowing fabric spills into us and enlightens us from within.

Reminiscent of Pink Floyd, the immersive instrumental flows with great emotions and moves us with its passionate vulnerability. Using only the guitar, the artist skillfully uses its sound to beautifully showcase the theme of the song. The dilated melodies and inching tempo metaphorize the long and seasoned, yet liberating journey towards the eternity of ourselves and our purpose. A steady march against time and trials to immortalize moments of joy and lessons of grief.

With divine levity, the track rises to its summit. Invoking the inherent resilience and strength of the instrument, the artist boosts the melodies to sensational pitches to form arches of matchless beauty. Truly transfixing and awe-inspiring, the track is as timeless as eternity itself.

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