Finding Bella are aiming for straight fire with their third single release. They have had incredible success as an indie act with their previous two songs, and they’ve hit a bulls eye with this one straight out the gate. This is Drama Kids-their dreamy pop-rock single with incredible musicianship.

Going straight for the jugular, they kick the song into 5th gear with the start itself. The verse section and vocals are meticulously crafted-listen carefully for some really well-thought-out lyrics. Reflecting the crux of the song, the drama kids have it all sorted out. The guitars are a merry jangle, while the drums blister on like a bullet train, clean and precise. The keys highlight and flourish parts of the track with some magical notes, it is this tempo and feel that Finding Bella are masters in executing.

Good Right Now and Set It Off have made sure that Finding Bella are known as the powerhouse they strive to be. Their lyrics tell little, dissolved stories that keep the track a delight. The rhythm sections and breakdowns are a step away from the song, yet thematically ensue as an extension. With Drama Kids, they are the misfits of the block, and they have more than one reason to look in the mirror. Listen to their explosive and joyful track below: