For The Ages is a London-based indie-rock duo that makes music from the heart. With indie-rock as its core genre, the band uses pop, funk, and alternative rock sounds to flesh out its essence and begin a connection. In their new single, Mythic Bounty, For The Ages create a luminous soundscape, with each melody swishing about with soft euphoria. Always in pursuit of the majesty of human emotions, the band doesn’t mind branching into a variety of genres to harness them.

The track opens with refreshing acoustic strings and synths before it segues with the drums to feed into the enchanted garden of synth melodies, electric guitar flourishes, and mystical vocals. There are remarkable flashes of vintage rock accents sprinkled into the contemporary mist of indie-rock arrangements. Romantic absurdism peeps from behind the curtains of melodies, carrying the promise of a cerebral bounty.

The duo debuted in 2019 with their single, Festival Skies, and has since then released ten singles, each one with a different frequency of vibrancy. For all those people who look for musical diversity in artists, For The Ages is for you. Their discography paints a moving portrait of indie music, always dynamic and always fresh!

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