Freddy Charles is a one-man act. His accomplishments come in many flavors. He’s a rounded musician who understands the importance of a cohesive sound. As a musician with a complex artistic vision, he learned all the facets of making music. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist records, engineers, and produced all his music. With over ten albums under his belt, the artist shapes the pop-rock sound to suit his worldviews and perspectives. And he does it well. His latest album The Tower sports eighteen genre-bending tracks. All The Will Is Gone by Freddy Charles is a luminous piece of melancholy taken from this album. 

The artist’s strong rhythm design allows him to carry his sonics to their intended destinations. And in this track, Freddy realizes the numbness of an atrophied will and lack of motivation with a slow Latin-set rhythm. 

Metallic cymbals and earthy beats are reconciled into glimmering rock melodies. The lugubrious vocals sail through the soundscape like lamentous minstrels. And the instrumentation readily absorbs this gloom and magnifies the emotion. The song is only a small orb of the magic that is Freddy Charles. Experiencing his world of music will bring you closer to experiencing yourself. 

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