Turning punk heads wherever they go, Switzerland-based punk rock band, Free Bottle prove their mastery with their fresh album, In Viadi. With just three compositions, the band shows us a variety of punk flavors, landing each and every one of them. Its thundering beats, fluid vocal deliveries, and dopamine-loaded soundscapes have us bursting at the seams.

A summery guitar riffs melody opens the first track, Temp Per Ir. Lively and exploding with a promise of love and happiness, the feel-good riffs imbibe us with an exhilarating feeling. The gusto-filled vocals amplify the zeal of the track. Pure and unadulterated joy generously oozes out, with enough for everybody.

It’s not very common to witness a punk rock expression that is so bright and happy. The hard-edged melodies and screaming vocals are engaged in a celebration of life and all of its jubilation. Reminiscent of a glistening stream of light, the molten guitar solo flows with gladness and gratitude that is magnanimously evocative.

Muond rages like black fire. Dark riffs and intense basslines dominate the track. Raging like mayhem, the unrelenting guitar melodies grunt, and sputter. The forceful vocals take on a chilling aura that plasters subversion posters across the soundscape. Pedantic and authoritative, the vocal delivery lends its raw honesty and loaded roughness. The masterful composition employs an uncontainable rhythm that is fed by the snare drum beats. Drudging forward with an unstoppable will, the song build-up to its high-energy, explosive end.

You can keep up with Jerry Man. High-frequency beats tumble through the song, setting a reverberating foundation. Fuzzy basslines snake through the beats and fuzzy riffs insulate them. The signature high-energy vocals mushroom over the beats like clouds. Like a rocket, the inexorable rhythm accumulates a tremendous amount of energy, gearing to vanquish gravity, before launching and escaping into the depths of mystery and mystique. The album concludes on an uncontrollable note and leaves us chasing the high and wanting more.

Made up of GianLuca Vitalini, Corrado Tognini, Jon Andri Gaudenz and Severin Peter, the four piece alternative punk band are a force to be reckoned with. They showcase an effortless talent for writing and playing refreshing and hardcore compositions which is apparent in their discography.

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