Gary Dranow has never stopped bringing us those rocker vibes. One of the most proactive musicians in indie rock, he has created a brand from the retro revisitation of rock and what it means to the new generation. His latest single is a re-mix of his original song called Destiny Road. There are a lot of chunks to fall in love with again. 

In this remix, he has touched upon the melody with a highlighter pen. Gary Dranow has never shied away from the radio frequencies that accompany his tracks, usually. A stronger kick comes in this remix, from the muted but glorious opening of the original. It is like hearing Deep Purple in the 00s vs what they were making in the 80s. A lot of tones are clearer, this mix brings the surprising potential and sleeves it into this kinetic barrage. Just as addictive, just sharper and more nuanced in terms of production and performance. It reflects on Gary Dranow choosing more of a harder rock spine from songs like The Cry of War. 

He also had a new release come out recently called Sandy Beaches. It is something that has to be heard to be believed. Gary doesn’t want to restrain any part of himself while wielding the gun and the result is nothing less than resplendent. Listen to his latest single here: