It’s always a beautiful thing when dreams come true. Especially the long-standing dreams of artistic materialization. This new release, Destiny Road by Gary Dranow and Jerry Manfredi was dreamt up in 1996 and after a long-winded journey, destiny has allowed it to wash ashore.

“Destiny Road” was originally intended to be released in 1997, using Jefferson Airplane’s old 2′′ 16 Track AMPEX recording machine, but the band underwent multiple personal battles and the music couldn’t be materialized. Now, 25 years later, the band has gotten back together with a new lineup, and is finally ready to share its music!

This melancholic rock track traces the tail of destiny with evocative melodies and alluring vocals. With a strong Americano appeal, the track opens with a mesmerizing whirl of molten electric guitar. Glinting acoustics line the smoky rapture of the vocals, as Dranow sings of a destiny road where dreams come true. Classic rock frames make up the chorus with drum grooves, fuzzy riffs, and booming basslines.

The use of neo-country accents and blues adds a warm fervor that nurtures the nostalgic theme of the song. We even see the use of a folk flute melody towards the end of the song that ties in a nature theme into the song. The inexorable faith of the protagonist in destiny and her ways establishes a humbling connection and a touching story that is profound to witness.

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