When Gary Dranow picks up his guitar, you know it’s him. With a signature sound and quite the collection on Spotify, he has made waves in the indie rock realm. A precarious love for old school rock, he makes it retro and then makes it roar. This is his single, Fool Outta Me.

Released as his debut on Spotify, this kicks in with the intro itself. Jerry Manfredi and Gary Dranow bring something soaked in the Deep Purple and Huey Lewis sound. The leads are powerful, the grooves are smashing and fun. By the time you get to the chorus, there is a wave of joy that recedes over you, knowing you’ll know how the track goes. Familiar yet having a splash of uniqueness in bends and turns, this is a special one. The synths stand out with their special effect, a chiming, ringing sound in verses and a sci-fi synth envelope in places. No song is complete without a guitar extravaganza, and Gary Dranow gives you this pockets indefinitely. The synth solo also has a special niche, mesmerizing and fun. Gary dived into the vaults of rock, studied it and brought to us something unique and special, reminding us of those times.

Gary has also released Destiny Road and Twisted Minds, songs that will be definitely on your playlists. Enjoy his music and be sure to follow for more music. For now, listen to his single here: