Gary Dranow has been a source of indie rock inspiration for a while now. Over the past 3 years, he has been more active than ever, releasing a slew of singles and albums. Each song brings with it a different fragrance, and we’re in a perfumery at this point. His latest is a Meat Loaf like cinematic audio piece. This one is called Hadrian’s Wall

If you’re a history buff, you’d know about Emperor Hadrian’s mammoth fortification of the Roman province. If you’re not one, you can Google it, just like me. Gary Dranow brings a rendition that feels like an empirical dramatic piece, with personal stories embedded within. He likens the wall to his emotional connect with his father, and absolutely nails it in the head for so many who find the transparency leaning to be opaque. It is emotional, yet is balanced with the rock magnificence of a multi-layered work of art. 


My wife and child live in the forts

7.3 miles apart

I wonder if I’ll ever see them again

On Hadrian’s Wall my heart is broken


Lyrics like this showcase Gary Dranow displaying poetic justice like a Scotsman on his evening whiskey. It is a powerful song, and shows the class at which he writes and composes these energetic songs. He has already released several songs like Bedroom Mentor and Jimi’s Song this year, and we’re only 20 or so days in. Listen to his single here and follow him for more!: