Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions are a Utah based music project that is influenced by the genres Blues and Rock N Roll. It is led by former athlete Gary Dranow and their previous releases are proof that the band loves to step outside the rigid constraints of genre. Their output in the new year has been consistent and their new single “18, it’s alright!” is an addition to the diverse discography the band has been building up.

Lyrically as the title “18, it’s alright” suggests, the track explores young male sexuality reminiscing on what it meant to be young and feel not only like life is alright, but to feel like bodily desire without long-lasting consequence is also alright. Promiscuity and lust taking centre stage in dictating one’s life without having emotions involved is alluded to in phrases like “Don’t waste your love on me” and “One track mind”. The age of 18 represents a transitionary phase between technical adulthood with the freedom to explore living on one’s own terms with very few of the responsibilities is actually takes to be an adult and therefore the nostalgia for this stage in one’s life only makes sense.

The line “I ain’t no little boy” said by an 18-year-old feels endearing because while it is a fact that there is much to learn, it is testament to the egotism of being all-knowing that one can only feel at that age. The last verse on the track takes an older person’s perspective who appreciates fidelity, true love and respect reminding us of the necessity to grow out of this phase one can look back on fondly.

Sonically the track has all of the elements that make for a great rock track. Gary Dranow is strong with the vocals and vocal layering on the bridge is interesting. The guitar solo is great and engaging as it usually is on all of the tracks by Gary Dranow.