Gary Dranow is dabbling with the diaspora now. It is high time, for he does wield the stories of metal and rock. As he weaves a tapestry that is deeper and larger, he also does entertain us with whatever rock means to him. This is his latest number, Jane

Jane is the result of fusing two unlikely edges together. The opening of the song is acoustic wonderment. You might think you’re in the retro 70s, sporting jeans and massive sideburns. In a flash, you’re dragged into the metal mania of the 80s, the tempo and speed of that pace. You would never see it happen, but Gary Dranow can never be predicted. He and his band have made it a habit to create a catalogue that has more multiverses than a comic book. Jane is no less, from an admission to love turning into an all out melodic roller coaster. You’re expected to fall in love with this song, why would you not? It has everything you want, arriving exactly when you want it. From the internet era to the radio reckoners, Gary Dranow is capturing hearts like trout at a lake. 

He has also released a new song today, on 15th February called Dad. You must go and check it out for the kind of warm, emotional vibes that the song gives. Gary Dranow is to bring more music and merry to us all, you just need to have a tiny bit of patience. The reward is too large to carry for some!: