The blues rock band, Gary Dranow, and the Manic Emotions erect a beautiful monument for the rock genre with their new single, (Made It) Another Day. With Sherm Tate on bass and vocals, Marty Steinberg and Jethro DeFries on drums, the brilliant Jerry Manfredi on musical direction, and Tommy Mars on the keyboards, the band deliver a genre-defying collection of songs that are immutably mind-blowing.

The diverse texture and sound pallet that emerges within the first twenty seconds of the song make a towering impact. And, the rest of the song only amplifies the euphonic delight. Using a measured tempo, the track brings out the exhaustion of living. Piece by piece, the song reveals the prisons of unhappiness that we often find ourselves in using favors of rock and roll, blues, country, and folk.

The country-folk expression of the existential theme proves to be very interesting. Especially because of the stark difference between the two islands that the artists are trying to bridge. They form a musical oxymoron of sorts. The smoky baritones drag lethargically, with a soulful indifference, through emotive and passionate folk melodies. And witnessing this juxtaposition of contrasting textures, styles, and genres come to life is truly incredible.

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