Gary Dranow is doing a flyby, and he wants to tell you what he is seeing. This artist has found his worth and niche in all kinds of genres, and the result is his decorated catalogue. His latest single takes us through the pace of life, and how we don’t realise how time passes us by. This one is called Ripping

I think the name suggested the tempo of the track pretty early. Bringing his signature retro groove to the fold, Gary Dranow packs the punches in a 10 shot combo. Till the verse, we go at strafing speeds, and he still has a lot to say. This is hard rock with an alt-rock mask, and the song says it all. If you get to hear this live on stage, don’t forget to completely lose your mind. His relevant lyrics have a tinge of mortality that rears its ugly head. Instead of moping about it, he’s ready to be a true petrol head and head out into the open road. Another composition, where Gary shows us all how it is done. He has some more singles coming out that will either amplify or match this energy, so remember to stay tuned.

Gary also has new singles like Hadrian’s Wall and the latest, Chaos, which just came out after this. The album is going to be one stellar piece of art, and we for one here can’t wait. Listen to Ripping here!: