Gary Dranow adds to his flaming blues rock catalog with this new release, Something About You. The artist’s skewered musical perspectives coalesce to form a charismatic rock propensity that is unlike any other. This song marks the fifth song released from his upcoming album, Destiny Road. The track is like a rock prism, glinting with diverse rock influences like rock n roll, blues, soul, and classic rock.

The artist has a keen knack for stringing dark blues across a glistening soundscape. With gradual chord progressions, touching vocals, and romantic lyricism, the song is a deep exposition of a tender soul. Juxtaposing love themes with long-standing heartache and tragedy ushers in a fresh batch of gleaming blues. And the ostensibly placed vintage euphonic filters dispense a harrowing sense of rock nostalgia.

The Californian band is all about versatility, exceeding expectations with their experimental genius. Having gigged extensively across Southern California, Gary Dranow and Manic Emotions are steadily gaining momentum. With Sherman Tate on bass and vocals, Marty Steinberg and Jethro DeFries on drums, Tommy Mars on the keyboard, and Jerry Manfredi on musical direction and bass, the Manic Emotions are an inextricable part of Gary Dranow’s sound and musical appeal.

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