Gary Dranow is a Utah based former athlete turned musician and his latest single “When The World is Too Much (Remix)” along with his band Gary Dranow and the Manic emotions is a soothing soft-Rock track with heavy but slow instrumentation. The meaningful lyricism makes it just as easy to classify it under the singer-songwriter category. Self-admittedly influenced by Blues and Rock N Roll, the music project however prefers not to be chained by the rigid boundaries of genre.

The track begins with choir-like synths and keys that seem to be influenced by religious music. The sound effect just before we get to experience the lead vocalist’s strong voice is angelic and sounds straight out of a church. The strings and the elaborate guitar solo midway give away the Rock N Roll influences. The simple beat-keeping percussion adds a vintage touch to the track. What Gary Dranow offers us can be interpreted as a prayer and the lyrics further demonstrate this interpretation.

Lyrically the track explores the imagination of someone’s presence “when the world is too much” for Gary Dranow and how the fantasy of their existence can temporarily make the world a better place. While it explores grief either of death or heartbreak in either case, the irreversible loss of a loved one, it does so with much hope. Gary Dranow’s personal experience with bipolar disorder and the effects of a stroke which influence much of his music provide much needed context for this track.

If you are looking to add a melancholic soft-rock track with expressive penmanship to your playlist, “When The World is Too Much – Remix” by Gary Dranow is the track for you.