If you’re in the market for retro-nostalgia, Gaz is the band for you. Specializing in rock and roll that brings the past back to life, the three-piece rock band delves into iconic rock themes that revive the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Chuck Berry. Formed 20 years ago with a dream, the band members harvest their rock nostalgia and infuse it with a unique twist to make legendary records. Some are Gone by Gaz has seamless frames, gloriously flowing with the smooth will of time.

The sound canvas is rich with flaming guitar shreds and warm with fuzzy riffs. Following the curving trajectories of the melodies, the charismatic vocals are a soothing presence. Touched by the rhythm and blues of Americana, the vocals are wonderfully texturized by the cruising melodies. And it’s all about the music. With most frames dedicated to instrumental expression, it is ideal to savor and taste these belated moments of rock and roll.

With Josep Antoni Lopez on the vocals/lyrics and bass, Jodi Perdigo on the lead guitar, and Albert Perdigo on the drums, the band is an amalgamation of each of their musical personalities, and unique sound profiles. Together, their rock and roll suspends time and floods us with magnificent sensibilities.

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