Gil Golden and Billy Richards met at a midnight showing of “Enter the Dragon” starring their idol Bruce Lee. Sharing a love of surfing and Farrah Fawcett, they started a band. Power Pop Rock with Big Hooks. Will I Be Cool by Golden Richards is their latest pop-rock single, with a blue line of melancholy running through it.

Resounding basslines and molten melodies set the stage for smoky baritones. The glistening soundscape powers the vocals and supports it fragile emotions. A basic beat structure set the rhythm while fuzzy swirls of intense melodies circle form a pedestal as the song inches towards the chorus. Dreamy harmonies lift off the bed, weaving, and dancing as an aggressive beat climb lands us in the chorus.

It’s mind-blowing to see the number of textures and melody patterns that populate the song. While the genre is dominantly rock, there are immutable signs of pop and even blues. Wide hooks sweep across the soundscape, and when it hits, you better believe that you’ll be jumping with uncontainable energy. A vintage appeal emerges from the coalescent soundscape that leaves us reveling in a 90s’ teenage aesthetic. A pump of youth and powerful hooks. What more do you need?

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