Good God Father has the aggression to pack away your fears and blow it to the 7th heaven. With the newest breed of alt-rock he formulates, it is difficult to find another like him. From the blistering riffs to hybrid vocals he utilises, he’s been rocking the stages for more than a decade. This is his latest single, Prince of the Air.

The title can be misleading to you. Using ballistic vocals and strafe fire for the riff, he pummels through the opening. It is a vibe and energy any good rock track requires, a stronghold on the space in between the first strike and last. There are nu-metal chorus elements, especially when the layered guitars attack. There is a punk prowess Good God Father has, using every element to bring about an impactful grenade. When he withdraws for a second, a beautiful melody serenades us. A little feedback, and we’re looking at this spatial resonance, unlike the first half. The transition to another kind of pocket creates an animosity, a doubt of what might come. Sensual solo elements create a new atmosphere, the guitars leading the charge. We return to explosion site immediately, pronouncing the song as something that has been performed with passion. 

With his 2007 album Chronicles, he was already ahead of his time. Since then, his phrasing and melodic influences have grown in many ways. He brings styles to the table people don’t dare to as artists anymore. His 2020 single Waves has picked up a lot of appreciation, and this song is next in that list. Raise your horns and listen to this rocker: