Hip indie and alt-rock band, Goodnights has just released their self-titled EP. Its layered wonders exemplifies invention especially in its reflection of the youth condition.  Each track has an astounding rock personality: vintage profiles laced with contemporary co Gravity Kills opens the EP with the loaded sound of Goodnights.

Gravity Kills tackles the fear and anticipation of pain in new forming relationships. It represents the experience of modern love with visceral sound design and presentation. The well-articulated lyrics are embedded within the fluid framework of emotive vocals. This is carried by the tumulus winds of thundering riffs and brusque drum work. 

The jerky construction is meant to elicit an emotional disassociation in stark contrast to the vulnerability in the vocals. And metaphorizing black holes and their unequivocal despondency,  the band deepens the listening experience. 

The track is the first of six tracks. Each one a loaded landscape of hard rock, grunge, soul and garage rock. It also features the debut release of the band, Swells. Goodnights is Mandie Cheung, Michael Risucci, Justin Fleuriel, Enoch Jensen, and Luke Aton. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to the track, Gravity Kills from the Goodnights EP here –