Grant Kemp is an LA- based rock artist who is infamous for his electrifying interpretations of punk, grunge, and prog rock. Energy is how his musical passion manifests. Each of his tracks have a dynamism that activates the listener’s listening experience. So many flavors of rock open up and thrive in his multifaceted soundscapes. His latest release, ‘Six Feet Deep’ with Joshua Roberts and JordyPurp is especially powered with diverse rhythmic, aesthetic, and artistic faculties. Grant Kemp achieves a new level of versatility. His punk eccentricity is equally matched and phenomenally enhanced by the vocal and productional performances.

iTunes Artwork for 'Six Feet Deep - Single (by Grant Kemp, Joshua Roberts & JordyPurp)'

Across the track we see grass root punk excited by frequencies of emo, metal, hip-hop, and alt rock. The track is marked by snowballing riffs that spontaneously mutate and grow at every juncture. The productional technique is geared towards highlighting the raw chaos and intensity of the theme. It withstands the belligerent pressure of the vocals, the spiraling facets of emo, and the strident clarity of the hip-hop verses. Listeners of Linkin Park, Eminem, Blink 182, and Rites of Spring are sure to enjoy this track. Listen Now!

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You can listen to ‘Six Feet Deep’ by Grant Kemp, Joshua Roberts, and JordyPurp here –