Griffen Handshake have something to say that might be on many people’s minds. Their latest track Cancel is a look at the ever-evolving, punishing absolute nature of cancel culture. Their track has the raw energy, freshness and the bold strokes required to take this topic head on.

These guys are featured on almost all rising punk band playlist. This is for good reason, their attack, approach and charisma is unattainable through natural standards. This is a duo made by supernatural energies falling into place. The song has the kick it needs to be a punk track, without showing any part of wither. Guitars have the right amount of overdrive, and we are looking at classic punk tempo. They take the track all the way home, not compromising on the energy and finesse they give to the track. This song is soon to be a hit, relating to the topic they have boldly taken on.

All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors is their breakout track. Still featured on many playlists, it is understandable why people want to bank on the feral nature of their delivery and showmanship. Griffen Handshake might be punk and against the machine, but never flail with tempo and performance, their delivery is as straight edged as a ruler. They still go full throttle, making each note and strum count. Listen to their energetic track here: