Groovy Shirt Club is an electric rock band that is devoted to reviving old sonic flavors with refreshing twists. Drenched in nostalgia and deep emotion, their tracks are a melting pot of vintage sound pallets, retro perspectives, and contemporary indie rock styles. The feel good threads of melody takes the listener on a sublime journey to memorable spaces in the mind. Groovy Shirt Club has just released their debut album, Electric Flowers. The 12-track LP inspires a pleasant lucid dream. 

The title track is arguably the perfect introductory song to the band. A classic blend of old school rock with luminous melodies and mellow baritones, all rung up into a blue loop of song. The seamless synthesis of sound and emotion elevates the listening experience in ways The Smiths’, Bruce Springsteen’s, and Neil Young’s work did. 

Groovy Shirt Club is a six-member band with Robert O’Neil on music and lyrics, Ola on vocals, Bruce on piano, Neil on drums, John on bass guitar, and Rob on vocals and guitars.

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