Singer-songwriter, producer, and artist Hampi collates a massive fabric of emotion and euphonizes it in his sophomore release, Big Love. This track comes two months after his debut release, Devil’s Moon in October 2022; in which the artist pronouncedly uses dark electronica to cultivate a sense of haunted mystique. It is a stark variation from the bright arrangements and magnified textures he uses in this track.

The tearing intensity of the track is a marked representation of the uncontainable; a big love. Its voracious guitar melodies grasp like fire and spread feverishly through the symphonic art rock canvas. The song is a dreamy amalgamation of soul themes with classic rock and contemporary synths. Subtle traces of funk and blooming blues weave through the blazing tongue of the electric guitar melody. Each style is synched irrevocably into one another to flow with an anthemic power. Calming vocal interludes emerge through the mist of out-worldly melodies to form a buoyant chorus.

With a relentless richness, the track rolls into infinity. The guitar melodies are filtered to have shimmering textures and leave a trail of glinting stardust. Bursting through the seams, the track wonderfully portrays an unending, undying, and eternal love.

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