heavy on the heart is a melodic rock band. And as their banner suggests, the group is known for their brand of evocative soundscapes that combine immersive riffs with expressive vocals. The band has just released their EP, ‘It’s You That Has to Think’. This collection of five tracks explore themes like love, trust, friendship, romance, and melancholy. Aligning the energy and emotion of the song to the message, each song represents their artistic style and vision. Taken from this collection is ‘better now’. 

iTunes Artwork for 'It's You That Has To Think - EP (by heavy on the heart.)'

The track is a combination of slapping beats, melodic guitar, booming riffs, all encapsulated by a punk machination. And this blend of emotion and gusto is reminiscent of artists like Green Day and Linkin Park. The vocals are delivered with passionate sincereness and we see a touch of emo shaping up out of it. Against a backdrop of filling riffs, it claims its own space, wandering in the chaos and embracing the heartache. Listen Now! 

heavy on the heart. is Nikki Brady (vocals), Costas Themistocleous (guitar), Nick Kolokathis (drums) & Andrew Nicolae (bass).

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Better Now from the ‘It’s You That Has to Think’ EP by heavy on the heart here –