The ground shakes when Heedless Elegance take the stage. With compounded energy that grows exponentially with every time they breed a new attack, we have an overlooked piece of genius here. The Hungarian metal scene has birthed these tycoons, as the powerhouses they are. This is The Blaze of Glory.

From their 2021 explosive album called Libra, this is one of their hardest hitting tracks. Part Killswitch and part Slipknot, the vocal tics and behaviourisms of this burgeoning metal is something not to be reckoned with. There is a respectable pocket of hydrogen explosive that goes off the way they transition between verses and the chorus. The riffs do the necessary magic with the rhythm, creating brilliant spaces for the vocals to flourish. The inclusion of the choir inspired synths add a whole new dynamic to the metal, a juxtaposition that really defines the sound. The drums are a barrage after the 3-minute mark, building and creating back to the dynamite sound that brought in the track with brilliance. The outro is also just what the song needed by design, and really tests the intense vocals.

Their 2019 album Wanderer has taken them to a level and plane of respect that has been well-earned. From votes to the kind of crows they attract, this is one band that constantly creates opportunity and mega-sonic magic. They might be teasing music reminding us of their single, as something we missed. Many metal playlists feature their unique and energetic performances. Listen to their single here, and explore Heedless Elegance through their catalogue: