Higgs Field is a four piece Alternative Rock / Metal Band from Mount Gambier, South Australia. And their new song, Us Forever is a growing whirlpool of rock. Its radiant soundscape is filled with hyperactive alt rock elements, erupting in the most unexpected ways and spectacular of ways. Ranging from the gentle slopes of soft acoustics to dissonant sheets of metal, the track has it all. Replete with textures, it is alive with sonic and energy. 

Each textural frame lends an interesting thematic interpretation. The winking acoustics are tinted with light-hearted romance, breezy in a Backstreet Boys kind of way. Which is then elevated to the intense drama of hard rock riffs and tumulus swirls of beats. This frame presents a desperate passion of irrevocable love. And the devoted grind of the vocals only amplifies it. Bolstered by the drums, the track ascends to its next frame midway. Tendrils of vibrant electric guitar branch out sporadically, dipping into the chaotic dimensions of metal. The growling vocals and glowering riffs portray manic obsession, blinded by the intensity of the thematic emotion. The band debuted in 2021 with Paracusia and has since released two tracks including this one. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Us Forever by Higgs Field here –