HIGHWAYVES are known for their revolutionary style and magnitude of sonic reach. As an artistic collective dedicated to rock styles, they sail through its large spectrum. Their style revolves around conceptualizations, using grunge, shoe-gaze, and classic rock arrangements to manipulate the sound space. In this sophomore release, Plastic, HIGHWAYVES create a distinct melancholic presence using dream washes and resilient riffs. 

Plastic is made with levitating sonics that transport the listener to ethereal utopias. The track tells us a story of betrayal, reiterated by the lines, “Yeah, you are a plastic now, you sold us out.” By juxtaposing this theme with feelings of love, friendship, and nostalgia, the artists illuminate the tragic subtext and bring it to the surface. 

The HIGHWAYVES sound almost takes on an indie quality in this track. Reminiscent of The Strokes and Modest Mouse, the flourishing synths screen through the spreading vocals. Opening with fuzzy riffs and mellow beats, the track is a smooth stream to a vivacious dreamland. The baritones are shifting clouds of poetry, wispy and lithe like a breeze. They loop the smoky rock features to the soaring synths, carrying them to dopamine-filled crescendos. 

The track is available for streaming on all major sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and iTunes! 

You can listen to Plastic by Highwayves here –